Your Pergola


If you need help, we are on hand to guide you through the process to create your outdoor living space that works for you, your family, and your friends whatever the weather.

Step one

Start by considering the size and roof for your pergola

Your aluminium pergola will be made to measure to cover the space you require, incorporating a weatherproof roof which can be motorised, manual or fixed.

Choose from:

If you prefer you can also choose a roof which combines louvres and fixed panels. This allows the roof to be completely adaptable to allow you to enjoy the unpredictable British weather all year round.

With optional rain sensor, wind sensor and solar tracking available. These clever features will give you the peace of mind that your garden room will never be caught out whatever the weather throws at it.

Clever design including hidden drainage and electrical services allows the frame to look sleek and effortless regardless of its position within your garden.

Step two

Colour matters

All our frames and louvres are finished in a high-quality powder coating, choose from multiple colour options for your pergola. Do you have a specific colour in mind? You can finish your pergola in a colour of your choice. Looking for a more traditional feel? Use one of the superb wood-look aluminium products within the design. The look of real wood with no maintenance.

Choosing the right colour will ensure your new pergola fits seamlessly within its new location.

Check out our FAQ’s for more info on choosing the right colour

Step three

Side screens and feature wall options – the choice is yours

Once you have decided on your preferred roof, consider including side walls within the design of your pergola. These will allow you to create a weatherproof outdoor space which can be used year-round. Your options include the following for walls and doors and help create an atmosphere that fits with your home and garden space.

Want to start talking about your bespoke pergola?

Step four

Lighting by day and night – give atmosphere to your new pergola

Use built-in lighting to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden. Warm light for a cosy evening with a glass of wine. Or would you prefer cold light so that you can read an exciting book on your patio at dusk? And how about a romantic starry sky with small LED lights in the louvres? You set the tone!

Options include:

Step five

Let there be music! - sound system and electrical options

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth speakers, power sockets and charging points in the leg poles, our pergola is the digital place to be! Transform your pergola into an outdoor cinema and project your favourite film, series, or sporting event on the projection screen. Ready for a fun evening?

Prefer an alternative to a built-in system? Use one of our mobile media walls including outdoor TV, speakers and built in real flame fire. Cover and store to the side when not is use and wheel into position when you need it.

Step six

Warmth whatever the weather

Continue to use your outdoor space when the sun sets, we can provide a range of heating options including efficient infrared heaters that can be mounted within your pergola.    Prefer a hassle-free real flame that gives you the ultimate mood and the heat you need? Choose from our extensive range of bio-ethanol or gas fire tables or pits see our heating page for more information.

Still not sure? You might find it easier to talk to one of the team.

Step seven

All at the touch of a button

All our pergolas come with an automated control or smartphone app. Which will allow you to control the roof positions, screen heights, lights, sound, and heaters. All while sitting comfortably within your new pergola.

Now to make it feel like home…

To complement all our premium aluminium pergolas we have curated a selection of premium outdoor and indoor living furnishings to make you feel at home. Available as a package with your pergola or for sale as individual items if preferred. Find out more about our range on our furniture page.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

If you are looking to use your space to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen and dining area then look no further than the Rase Outdoor Living kitchens.  Bespoke in design and installation our kitchens are sold separately or as part of a pergola package.

Outdoor Garden Rooms

Create an outdoor room for business or pleasure; built around our pergola frames you can choose to include solid walls and insulated roofs to create a true garden room. Enquire to find out more about our pergola combi structures.


If you have other questions feel free to :

This is one of the first questions most customers ask and can be complicated to answer due to the range of pergola types and options available. It is similar to buying a new house or car. 

Would you like to understand why pergolas on the market range so much in price, when in photographs they all look similar? Please contact us to find out more or visit our blogs on costs.

How much does an aluminium pergola cost?

For simplicity though, typically, a budget price for a high-quality Bio-Climatic pergola family sized, with lights, sides and heaters would be between £20,000 and £29,000 installed and including VAT.

Please see more costings below which should help you build your budget.

The example prices include VAT, design, delivery and installation by us.

Timber: These are traditional pergola and will be budget friendly and relatively easy to repair. Most will not be waterproof and will have relatively high maintenance requirements. Wood is a natural material and as such will move and weather. They can add structure to a garden and can be used to support climbing plants and create an occasional space in your garden. Budget around £500 – £5000.

Standard Sized / Off the shelf: Aluminium louvred roof pergolas are available as a click and buy option from numerous internet companies, garden centres etc. Offered in standard sizes and colours, these would be self-installed and arrive with you flat packed. Typically, they are manufactured in China and use thinner aluminium sections, single skin louvres and possibly some mild steel components. When assembled they will have numerous exposed fixings. Lights and screens can be added as options when purchasing, these would usually be fitted at the end of the installation and not integral. They can be supplied to retailers in their own branding and packaging. Some companies may offer a video or a helpline support number to help you during the installation. Budgets for this option are between £2500 and £10,000.

If you are looking for a space that is useable most of the year and your budget allows; this could be the solution for you. These pergolas are built to your design and will offer you the most options for size, colour, sides, heating, lighting, sound, and media. These make a multi-functional room outside which can be opened up to enjoy on the warmer days and fully closed to make a watertight comfortable space to be used when the evening or poorer weather arrives.

A bio-climatic pergola allows you to control the amount of direct sunlight, shade and heat through rotating/retracting louvred roofs and allows you to control the microclimate within the pergola. To enhance the space, options are available such as lights, heaters, sides, heating, sound and visual media.

In general terms they will be a better quality compared to any off the shelf option and subsequently will offer a longer life expectancy and would be bought on a supply and install basis. Some companies offer a complete in-house service to include, design, survey and installation whilst other companies may subcontract out parts of the process.

Manufacturers of bespoke pergolas generally offer a few variations of pergolas at different price points and it’s important to consider the finer details before committing to a company. Discuss the detail of your pergola with the supplier before committing to a purchase. They should be open and honest at this stage of the process and be willing to share any information you request.

Main points for consideration:

  • Louvre construction – this adds strength and durability to your pergola, single skin type louvres do not offer the same properties as double skinned. Also, how do the louvres transport water to the gutter system?
  • Leg and frame cross sections – Generally a slimmer leg and frame will not offer the same stability as a broader one. Also, what thickness aluminium is the pergola constructed from? Some manufacturers will use a lower grade aluminium which will have a negative impact on stability, durability, and life span.
  • Are the screens integrated into the beam? – If screens are fitted in an additional ‘cassette’ type system, this will increase the depth of the beam and reduce head room and the overall aesthetic will be compromised. Larger cross section beams provide a space for the screen to be retracted into, this means they are virtually invisible when retracted and do not compromise the elegance of the design.
  • How is the pergola anchored to the floor? – Visible fixings can have a detrimental effect to the overall look of your pergola. Better quality manufacturers have been able to design all fixings within the structure to be invisible when the pergola is fully installed giving the cleanest most elegant lines.
  • Maximum size of a pergola – Generally this is an indicator of quality, higher quality pergolas should span a larger space with one frame minimising the amount of legs and giving a better aesthetic. Pergolas can also be coupled together in various combinations to cover larger spaces and more complex shapes.
  • Discuss with the retailer the full process from start to finish, ask them for details on who installs the pergola, the process for installing your pergola, how is it transported etc. You can also consider asking to view their previous installs and testimonials from previous customers.

Making the right choice for you outside space

We encourage you to arrange an appointment to visit our main showroom in Lincolnshire, or one of our pergolas hubs in Manchester or Oxford. We love showing clients around all the bespoke features that can be incorporated in your dream outdoor space and it is a great way for you to see how premium our Rase Outdoor Living pergolas and accessories are.

Too far to travel?  We can arrange walk through videos and video calls from our showroom at a time to suit you.

From design to install we take care of everything for you, get in touch and start planning your new outdoor space today.