To decide the right heating for you we have several choices here at Rase Outdoor Living:

Inside or Outside

Natural Flame Heating

Include in your pergola design one of our fire tables, fire pits or fire walls. Fuelled by either bio-ethanol or gas these burners give you the ambience of the outdoors with hassle free use. These fires are not just decorative they are the safest on the market, they burn clean; no odour, no smoke, no soot. They will work fantastically under your pergola or in your outside space.

Available in a huge range of designs we will find you something you will love. If we can’t, we will build it for you.

All of our natural flame heating can be used inside or out.

Timber to burn?

Wood Burner

Working in partnership with a designer in Holland, you can choose a standalone outdoor wood burner or wood fire pit. These can be built into the pergola by incorporating a solid wall section to get the flue beyond the pergola perimeter or used free standing close to the pergola. Made from Corten steel, its designed to rust once with no further maintenance required. The flue pipes carry all the smoke from the burning wood above head height and keep you clean and smoke free.

Instant heat at your finger tips

Electric Heaters

These can be located anywhere along the roof beams of your pergola and will give instant heat. They can be colour matched to your pergola and are switched on and off from the same system as the pergola.

Still not sure what heating is best in your space?


EcoSmart Fire’s freestanding ethanol fireplaces are designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position, and operated immediately. We have outlined guidelines that include minimum room size requirements and clearance recommendations for flammable materials and movable objects. Ask us for a model spec of your favourite fireplace.

The cost to run EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplace depends on how much ethanol fuel is used and the size of the fireplace. Typically between £1 and £3 per hour

Burn times for our ethanol fireplaces vary based on flame size and fuel capacity of the burner. EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplaces will burn between 8-13 hours when full.

Unlike gas fireplaces or traditional wood-burning fireplaces, our ethanol fireplace inserts require no venting, no gas line, and no electricity – eliminating the need and cost of three subcontractors. They are simply mounted into the constructed main wall framework with the appropriate opening size for the fireplace insert selected.

EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplace inserts are extremely flexible and can be incorporated at any stage of your interior decorating, renovating, or building works.

For detailed specifications please contact us.

Infrared or radiant heating technology is simply the transfer of heat from a warm object to a cooler object. HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters emit a pleasant sun-like warmth reaching the people, floors, and furniture below rather than heating the air. The result is comfortable, odourless and silent warmth.

If you have other questions feel free to :

Making the right choice for you outside space

We encourage you to arrange an appointment to visit our main showroom in Lincolnshire, or one of our pergolas hubs in Manchester or Oxford. We love showing clients around all the bespoke features that can be incorporated in your dream outdoor space and it is a great way for you to see how premium our Rase Outdoor Living pergolas and accessories are.

Too far to travel?  We can arrange walk through videos and video calls from our showroom at a time to suit you.

From design to install we take care of everything for you, get in touch and start planning your new outdoor space today.