So, you’re considering enhancing your outdoor living space with an aluminium pergola. There are a range of options available to you which ultimately will determine the price of your pergola. Before deciding on the best fit for you it is important that you understand the options available and how they will affect the price you will pay for your pergola. Remember it’s your choice!

As you may have already found from the internet there is a range of prices available for an aluminium pergola and these can range dramatically from £1500 to upwards of £40,000. As a consumer you may ask yourself why there is a huge price difference for something that all looks the same to you.

Do you want to know more? Read on…..

Start by asking yourself and considering the questions below.

What is a non negotiable for you?

  • What are the non negotiables? roof type, heating type, sides? All the answers to these will affect the price you will pay for your pergola.
  • How frequently do you want to use your outdoor space? Is this a once-a-month space or do you want to have an outdoor space that’s usable 90% of the year?
  • Will creating a bespoke outdoor space add value to your life and that of your families and friends? Making a usable outdoor space that is comfortable and pleasant to be in will mean you spend more time in that space. Having a bridge between your home and your garden will mean you spend more time outside, and you can enjoy your home significantly more.
  • How many years do you want to use the pergola for? Is longevity, reliability, after sales and warranty a factor in your decision?
  • Is a bespoke size, roof type or colour important to your design? How much do you want to enhance the space to increase the usability of it?
  • Are you a DIY enthusiast or would you prefer your chosen company to install your pergola using their own trained installation team. Alternatively, do you trust that subcontractors and third parties will deliver the service you require?
  • Are you considering that adding a pergola could enhance the future sale price or saleability of your home?

Once you answer these questions you will be more clear on how much the differences in pergola makes, types and manufacturers matter. Let me explain further:

Material and Design Quality

This is the main factor which separates one pergola from another.

In simple terms aluminium is an expensive raw material. The less that is used, and the quality of the aluminium used in the construction of the pergola will raise or lower the overall price. Investing in better grade materials will provide durability, extend the life expectancy of your pergola and provide long term value and peace of mind.

When considering this further, reputable companies will have a showroom and have easily accessible samples. They should have knowledge of the aluminium and gauge (thickness) used in their pergolas and give you the reassurance that they know how to install it correctly. Technical drawings should be available so you can compare the individual components and construction of each of the pergolas offered to you.

Look for exposed fixings and anchor plates these are a good indication of the overall quality of a pergola. The lower price point pergolas are designed with exposed fixings where the higher quality versions have totally concealed fixings. Another good marker for quality is to ask if silicone sealant is required to make it watertight. Silicone and aluminium do not seal for long and the expansion and contraction as temperatures fluctuate will cause the silicone to leak. The best designed pergolas require none.

Remember you are in charge of what you purchase. Ask your pergola company who manufactures the pergola they are hoping to sell to you. Many pergola companies rename their pergolas to give them a unique selling point. As a consumer it is more important for you to understand who the manufacturer is of your pergola you have chosen than you would first imagine. If you choose to invest your money into a quality product, take time to make sure you are buying a quality product and not a lesser quality product with a fancy brand image.

Size and roof choice and its impact on price

The larger the size the higher the price tag but reversely a smaller pergola is not half the price of a larger one.

All pergolas require a roof and as a minimum support on the four corners of the frame from either legs or a wall mount. The functionality of the roof either retractable or rotating and if it is operated electrically or manually will affect the price further. Glass roof alternatives although simpler in construction do not reduce the costs as glass is an expensive product to manufacturer and transport.

Choosing a higher quality pergola will allow you to cover the most square meters at the lowest cost.

Customising your pergola

The more options you build into the design the higher the price will be. Your choice of options should be made when you have fully understood the questions raised at the start of this blog.

Colour, lights, screens, sound, TV, projectors, plug sockets, heat and heaters, furniture will add to the overall cost of your pergola.


Do you want a DIY service? The lower priced widely available internet offerings are typically flat packed and shipped direct from a warehouse to you for self-assembly.

The middle of the road suppliers may use subcontract / local labour to install on their behalf. Although it is likely they will arrange the install for you. It is important to understand at who is responsible for the sign off if subcontract labour is used. You do not want to be left in a situation where you are piggy in the middle between your chosen supplier and the installers.

Reputable higher end suppliers will use their own in-house installation teams and take full responsibility for the project from start to finish. You will typically have one point of contact for all your interaction with a company.

The size, design and geographically location for the install will have a impact on the total price you pay. Your chosen supplier should have included all of these cost in your quote from them at the start.

Warranty, maintenance and after sales service

The warranty offered by your pergola provider can vary in terms of coverage and duration and may impact on the overall price of your installation. Opting for a company that provides you with comprehensive warranty may increase the upfront costs but may provide you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. A single point of contact will allow for a prompt response and resolution to any issues that may arise post installation.

Other considerations

Are you enhancing your existing patio or decked area or will you be renewing these prior to installation of a pergola? All pergolas can be installed onto existing or new areas. Consider in your design the drainage and electrical supplies your pergola may need.

Most pergolas will not require planning permission as in the UK they are covered by permitted development and classed as a temporary structure so this shouldn’t have an impact on the cost for your pergola.

Residential customers don’t forget the VAT

Your chosen pergola supplier should be up front regarding all costs you will encounter. Quoting “plus vat” to a residential customer makes the cost price look smaller initially but can be a nasty surprise when receiving an Invoice. £20,000 plus vat = you pay £24,000.


Understanding the various factors that can influence the price of your aluminium pergola installation is key to making an informed decision and maximising the return on your investment. By asking the right questions and carefully considering your options, preferences, and budget you will be able to create an outdoor space that enhances your homes beauty and functionality for years to come.

See our FAQ’s on costing a pergola if you are looking to buy an aluminium pergola.