This unique product creates a stylish and contemporary addition to your patio, it's functionality greatly enhances your outdoor living area, making it comfortable and usable all year round. The budget friendly B-600 pergola's automatic tilting aluminium roof regulates cover over your terracing by rotating 150° around it's axis, being able to quickly adjust to any weather situation.


Somfy Remote Control

The pergola can be operated from a distance with the supplied Somfy remote control. The remote gives you the ability to alter the louvred roof, dim the pergola's lighting to an any level, as well as easily allowing you to change the side screens to any position. The remote also also works with alexa so can be voice controlled.

Fully Retractable Louvred Roof

The louvres of the B-600 pergola are fully retractable to create a more open outdoor living space. The louvres can also rotate up to 130 ° around their axis, giving you full control of how much sunlight can come through. When they are fully closed they form a flat and smooth ceiling which drains any rainwater into the discrete side gutters. LED lighting can also be installed inside the louvres.

Lean-To Pergola

Our bespoke pergolas can be adjusted such that they stand supported soley with 2 legs are 'leaning' against a wall. This allows a more spacious feel whilst still remaining incredibly stable.


The roof of the pergola can be custom designed such that it the 4 legs of the pergola need not be situated in the corners. An overhang can be created to add an extended area of roofing beyond the upright legs, making the pergola feel increasingly spacious.

Stand-Alone Pergola

The aluminium pergola can be constructed as a stand-alone structure upon request. This versatility allows the pergola to offer a sustainable solution for terraces, patios, balconies, pool houses, hot tubs and outdoor kitchens.


All our pergolas come with a 5 year guarantee as we believe that our products are of the best quality and are made to withstand all forms of weathering and wear and tear.

Colours & Dimensions

Textured Anthracite Gray

This is one of the selectable colours for the main frame of the pergola.

Textured White

This is one of the selectable colours for the main frame of the pergola.

Maximum Dimensions

Maximum surface 24m² (6m x 4m)


Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are on optional addition which can be attached onto the frame as shown above, adding lighting to your outdoor area which can be easily dimmed.

Modular Screens

These vertical blinds are not built into the frame, but are mounted underneath the frame. Thanks to these ZIP external roller blinds you can always enjoy your outdoor living area regardless of the weather and temperature. The optional transparent PVC windows or window strips also ensure an unobstructed view to the outside .


Thanks to the powerful terrace heater ( 2,000W ) you also enjoy your pergola on cooler evenings. The remote allows you to set the heater to full power or to dim to 80% or 66% of the total capacity. These radiant heaters are available in black or anodised finish.


Powerful white or RGB LED strips in the frame greatly illuminate your pergola as the sun sets. They create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time provide enough light to end the day with a good book or in good company.

Rain & Snow Sensors

The discretely built-in snow and rain sensor protects your terrace and garden furniture even when you're not home. As soon as the first drop of rain falls, the louvres close automatically. When precipitation drops below 2°C the roof will fully opened to avoid snow accumulation, helping maintain your pergola and avoid damage.

Louvred Light Strips

Thanks to the integrated white LED lighting in the louvres, you'll not be chased inside when night falls. The powerful LEDs provide sufficient light to dine or read until the late hours. They're easily controlled and can be dimmed to reach the perfect brightness.